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In 1995, a local writer by the name of Aaron J. Keirns wrote a book about Blackhand Gorge, titled Blackhand Gorge - A Journey Through Time. The book describes the legends, the history, and outlines various key events that took place at Blackhand Gorge. Over the years it has been a keepsake for many locals. Recently, Blackhand Gorge has seen a lot of new improvements as many local patrons formed the Friends of Blackhand Gorge. As a result, a lot has changed in the last 5 years, and Aaron has updated the book with some new trail maps, as well as updated information and new photos. 

Black Hand Gorge, An Illustrated Guide (2016)  
This copy of the book is an updated version of the existing book. However, it includes more photos and stories, along with a new set of trail maps. 

Here is a quick intro to the book: 

Black Hand Gorge is a spectacular natural and historic river gorge in Licking County, Ohio. A state nature preserve now encompasses nearly 1,000 acres in the gorge. This illustrated guide to the gorge's trails and history has over 200 photographs, maps and other images, some more than a century old. The Ohio & Erie Canal, Central Ohio Railroad and Columbus, Newark & Zanesville (CN&Z) Electric Interurban Railway all passed through the gorge, leaving behind some fascinating relics. Visitors can walk through an old canal lock and a one-of-a-kind interurban tunnel cut through 325 feet of solid rock.

This book is in full color and has detailed trail maps and over 200 photos.

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Blackhand Gorge An Illustrated Guide
Black Hand Gorge, A Journey Through Time (1995)  

Here is the table of contents:
  • About This Book: The Legend of the Black Hand
  • Introduction: A Journey Through Time
  • Chapter 1: The Canal Era
  • Chapter 2: The Coming of the Railroad
  • Chapter 3: The Electric Interurban
  • Chapter 4: Toboso - Hometown of the Gorge
  • Chapter 5: Odds & Ends
    • Cornell Steps
    • Oil Boom
    • Sand Quarry
    • Cherry Hill Orchard
    • Wickham's Grove
    • Holy Stone Controversy
    • Cow Tunnel
    • Blackhand Gorge Festival
    • Graffiti
    • Nature Preserve
    • Miscellaneous
  • Chapter 6: Then & Now
  • References: Further reading / Index / About the Author 
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