Mission and Goals

Friends of the Blackhand Gorge State Nature Preserve is a group of citizens of Central Ohio who share an interest in seeing that the history and beauty within our area is maintained and protected as sanctuaries for wild creatures and the habitat they need to survive.

This area is part of a much larger historical system that is under-funded and under-staffed. They are national treasures that ensure the survival of our native wildlife and wildlife habitat: they must be protected and nurtured.  Friends groups provide an opportunity for lots of “regular folks”: (students, teachers, carpenters, doctors, bankers, nurses, professors, retirees) to invest their time, money, and sweat to assist the US Fish & Wildlife Service (F&WS) staff in carrying out this mission.   The one thing that all of us have in common is that we care about our local National Wildlife Refuges and are willing to organize and work to protect them. 

Friends group activities include working closely with and supporting the efforts of the Blackhand Gorge staff assigned to our nature preserve; public outreach and education; fund raising; staffing Visitor Centers and Nature Stores; wildlife maintenance and improvement; advocating for the nature preserve at all levels of government, and much more.

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