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Bike Path is Now Open!

posted Jul 10, 2015, 6:17 PM by Lucas Hardbarger
Months after Blackhand Gorge got a new Bike Path, Mother Nature decided to give way near the newly paved path. The earth slipped and caused a major gash in the beautiful bike path. The cost to repair the bike path with new and stable earth is very expensive. As a result, ODNR had to temporarily block off the bike path and prevent the public from doing the full 4.26 mile path. 

A few weeks ago, ODNR brought in a bulldozer and provided the public with a temporary patch to the problem by removing the debris and leveling the earth again. This isn't a permanent fix to the problem, but it does open the bike path enough to allow families and groups to enjoy all of the renewed opportunities for trail use again. 

Today, July 10th, 2015, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has announced that the Blackhand Gorge bike path is now open. A bulldozer came in and fixed the slip enough to allow the public to traverse the path from start to finish again. The gates have been removed and a sign is now in place warning the public of the temporary fix.

Thank you, ODNR for all your hard work and efforts to help keep Blackhand Gorge beautiful!!