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New Parking Lot on Brownsville Road

posted Jun 20, 2012, 9:05 PM by Lucas Hardbarger
Volunteers got together a few weeks ago and constructed a new parking lot near the intersection of Brushy Fork Rd, and Claylick Rd. The parking lot actually sits off of Brownsville Rd (ie. State Route 668) 

This work was done as a strategic step in opening up the canoe ramp near the the bridge at SR 668. A lot of money, hard work, and time went into this. All of these aspects were provided by volunteers in the area as well as various members of the Friends of Blackhand Gorge. 

If you've not seen the parking lot yet, please drive by and visit. You will get instant access to an old A-Frame bridge that has been overgrown and lost in time for many years. You will also have access to drop a kayak or canoe into the water right off of the parking lot. 

This parking lot does not replace the parking lot on Brushy Fork Rd., but rather compliments it. The two parking lots can be used as an overflow. The problem with the old Brushy Fork Rd. parking lot was that it only holds about 7 - 8 vehicles and people would be forced to park along the busy road or drive down to the Toboso entrance. This new parking lot solves that problem and allows for better access to some of the gems that Blackhand Gorge has to offer.